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managed it services Brisbane

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is the smart business choice, allowing businesses to outsource their IT Support to the professionals at Kymodo Blue.

Not only will this give you the freedom to focus solely on your business, but our plans will allow you to significantly reduce your IT Support expenditure by removing the need for ongoing, in-house IT Support, while also increasing productivity and infrastructure stability.

ProActive Management Brisbane

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring allows our expert technicians to monitor your IT infrastructure to detect any issues and automatically raise a ticket, making it easy for our help desk to resolve any glitches before they become a critical issue.

Most of the time we are able to follow these processes without you even noticing, allowing you to maintain your day-to-day operations without any interruptions.

360 Management

Fully Managed

Fully Managed IT is for the mission critical business, where downtime is not an option.

Fully Managed is exactly that: with unlimited support, pro-active monitoring, anti-virus protection, Windows updates and patch management, your business will have full, unlimited IT support and services to leave you with peace of mind and reduce IT related stress on your operations.

Business Solutions Brisbane

Business Solutions

Whatever your needs and business size, we have the solutions for you! From our world class Data Recovery for when things go wrong, to On-Site and Remote support for the business which requires minimal support year round, to our sought after Point of Sale solutions, Kymodo Blue has the answer.

Get in touch today to tailor the perfect IT package for your business!

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

At Kymodo Blue we are well known for our IT consulting, whether it’s network consulting, procurement, infrastructure security, or our highly renowned rollout consulting and implementation.

Connected with some of the country’s leading and most reputable IT hardware and software suppliers, Kymodo Blue is a sure pick for whatever your business needs.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing

We have the perfect Cloud Computing Solution for your business, from our Backup and File Synchronisation to keep your important data safe and secure in the cloud, to our DaaS and Disaster Recovery to keep your business running and accessible anywhere and on any device.

Contact us to build a solid foundation in the Cloud and give your business increased flexibility and resilience.

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Why Kymodo Blue Should Handle Your IT Support?

Kymodo Blue is committed to providing exceptional IT Support Brisbane wide to your business. With our outstanding communication and same day response guarantee, you too can understand why Brisbane companies rely on Kymodo Blue for their IT Support services and technical support. They not only choose us for our IT experience and expertise, but also to reduce their IT Support expenditure and stress.

There are also many other reasons why so many Australian businesses have chosen us to take care of their IT services. Here are just some of them:

We keep you fully informed

We believe that ongoing communication is the key to an effective business relationship, and strive to provide first-rate support services by ensuring you always know what’s going on behind the scenes. From the first point of contact right up until all your issues are resolved, we will make sure you’re always up-to-date with the situation and its progress.

We’ll bring you peace of mind

By keeping the back end of your business running and fully operational, you can focus your attention on the critical aspects of managing your day-to-day operations without the added worry of maintaining your network infrastructure. We’ll keep your business online 24/7 to reduce downtime and allow you to effectively deliver your products and services to your client base.

We offer tailored packages customised to your business

With a full range of IT Support services available to streamline and improve your business structure, we can provide the perfect package for you here at Kymodo Blue. But if you’re not sure what your business needs or our pre-designed packages aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, you can simply select the individual services you want through our flexible offering. Choose from our extensive service list and tailor an IT Support package that aligns with your specific business needs.

We have a solid history of success

Working with businesses both large and small in a wide variety of industries, we have the experience and technical training to devise proactive and reliable IT solutions to suit your business. Going beyond the basic network service and repair, we are committed to offering thorough and fully developed business technology services that meet both your budgetary and operational requirements.

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Comprehensive IT Support Brisbane Wide

Our professional IT Support services are available to help you improve your business structure through efficient, tailored IT solutions. Through our dedicated consultants and expertise, we will work closely with you to implement the most effective network strategies and improve the way you do business.

Not sure what IT solutions your business needs? Not a problem – we can identify which areas need improvement, align these areas with your business needs and goals, and design a customised package and plan for you from our full range of services. Just contact our team of friendly consultants!

We can deliver an extensive selection of specialist IT Support services, all fully backed by our commitment to superior service, expertise and an understanding of your individual business goals.

Kymodo Blue IT Consultant

Check and Assess the Health of Your Network

A healthy and fully operational network infrastructure will allow your business to run more smoothly and efficiently. Follow the simple evaluation below to perform a basic self-assessment of your business network, and determine your next steps with our professional IT Support Brisbane services.



Servers store and protect your important business files, and make up the basis of your network. They are also one of the most critical elements of your entire computer system, and if they were to crash your network would be essentially ineffective.

You should ensure that your servers are always kept in a secure, dry and dust-free environment and that they are covered by an active vendor warranty to minimise the chances of outages or failures.

At Kymodo Blue we can assess your servers and provide strategic solutions to help you maintain their health and operational capacity.

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Having a reliable backup system in place is about much more than just installing backup software.

To ensure your backups are consistent and dependable, they must be continually monitored for possible failures and regularly tested for data recoverability. It’s also important to have them replicated offsite for a fail-safe recovery system.

We can help you ensure your backups are functioning as they should so that your business always has a reliable system to fall back on.

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Antivirus and Security

Effective antivirus and email filtering software is an absolute necessity to prevent infection and subsequent network problems, which can cost your business a substantial amount of time and money to fix.

Kymodo Blue can implement solid and proven antivirus and security systems that will protect your network from larger, more serious issues, as well as check it regularly to ensure it is always working properly and updating as necessary.

web icon

Network and Internet

Your primary networking equipment and internet connection need to be operating at their highest capacity to optimise productivity and usefulness in your business.

It’s important to have a properly configured hardware firewall system installed on your internet connection to protect your important data and allow you to maximise your network use.

We will evaluate the effectiveness of your hardware firewall and offer practical solutions to help increase your internet speed and safeguard your network connections.

desktop icon


It’s vital to regularly service and upgrade your business computers to keep them running at their highest capacity.

Desktop computers generally have a working life of 3-5 years, depending on what they are being used for, and if they are any older they will be more prone to crashes, security flaws and slow speeds.

At Kymodo Blue we can assess the quality and life of your desktop computers, and provide professional servicing and maintenance to keep them in optimum condition for as long as possible.

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Patching and Optimisation

Patches and updates for every piece of software need to be regularly installed on all your servers and individual computers to make sure both minor and major issues are addressed correctly.

For full optimisation, we can make certain that your entire network is frequently patched and updated in line with every software release for an efficient, reliable technology system.